Inside 5 Horizons: The Transformative Power of Our Unique Strategist Role

At 5 Horizons, our staff roles and responsibilities are a little different than other agencies because we prioritize a holistic approach to digital marketing.

We refer to our Account Managers as Strategists because they do significantly more than just manage client accounts. Our clients rely on Strategists to be their points of contact, strategic partners, placement managers, and metric analysts. They go beyond the job description of Account Manager and offer personalized support, guidance, and expertise. The Strategist role uniquely reflects our hands-on business style and represents the client relationships we work so hard to cultivate.

Hear from two of our Senior Strategists, Kellie Averbukh and James Lynch, as they answer a few questions about the nature of their roles.

What’s the most important part of the Strategist role?

KA: “Communication. Whether it’s kicking off a new client relationship or a new Fiscal Year with a current partner, communication is key. It’s important to understand client goals and objectives upfront to ensure the plans and strategies we create and implement will yield the highest return possible. From there, it’s imperative that we communicate regularly with our clients to be sure that what we’re seeing, media- and analytics-wise, is syncing up with internal KPIs, lead funnels, and sales, so we can optimize if/as needed.”

JL: “Communication. We take our role as a “partner” with our clients very seriously. Their success is directly linked to our success. Understanding the client’s goals and the challenges they face achieving those goals can only be realized through regular and honest communication. We spend a significant amount of time talking to our clients about their short- and long-term goals in order to develop “right-sized” strategies for their success.”

What do your day-to-day tasks look like?

KA: “Prepping for and running client meetings; emails and strategy documents; media presentations and reports; working with our copy, creative, and data teams on new campaigns, while monitoring and optimizing currently live ones.”

JL: “I do my best to spend time every day working on some aspect of all my client’s accounts; developing new strategies for upcoming campaigns, monitoring current campaigns, preparing reports for campaigns that have ended. I also make time to explore new technologies and strategies that will benefit the agency’s clients, as the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing.”

Why is strategy so important for digital marketing?

KA: “Strategy is at the center of digital marketing. Aside from what we want to say (and what the creative looks or sounds like), a good strategy ensures that the right message is reaching the right audience, in the right place, at the right time, at an efficient cost. There are many layers to strategy and it is very important to align and measure them in order to maximize success.” 

JL: “Every client has a unique set of goals and objectives. Having the ability to recommend and apply the right digital strategy is critical to the success of the campaign. One strategic approach for one client is not necessarily going to work for another, even if their business models are similar. We pride ourselves on being tuned in to our client’s needs and developing unique strategies that work to meet those goals.”

What’s your favorite part of being a Strategist?

KA: “My favorite part of being a Strategist is being involved from A to Z. From day 1 new client introductions to year-end or campaign-end results and analysis, it’s really rewarding seeing campaigns (and even brands) evolve. It’s so fun seeing a billboard, TV spot, or Facebook ad live in market and thinking, ‘Hey! We worked on this!’”

JL: “Well-crafted, thoughtful strategies are like good recipes. If you use all the right ingredients, in just the right amounts, with the right amount of time and attention, the result can be exactly what you expect it to be. As an avid home cook, I bring the same amount of thought, preparation, and passion I use in my kitchen to my development of strategic planning and execution for my clients. Sharing the results of a successfully executed marketing campaign with our clients/partners can be as exciting as pulling a perfect cake or beautifully baked loaf of sourdough from the oven. Bon appetit!”

Kellie and Jim work with 5+ clients each, providing personal support and guidance for clients of different sizes in various industries. They make up two of six members of our Strategy Team who deliver the highest quality of client service and build trust for long-lasting relationships.

Strategy is at the center of our approach to successful digital marketing. How can we help you reach your goals? Connect with us to learn more.

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