June 8, 2019 Mountain View / CA / USA - Google office building in the Company's campus in Silicon Valley; The "double o's" of the logo are decorated in rainbow colors in honor of LGBTQ Rights

What Does it Mean to be a Google Premier Partner for 2023?

This St. Patrick’s Day it’s not luck, it’s hard work.

5 Horizons has been named a Google Premier Partner for 2023. Many of our clients come to us for Google Ads assistance. Becoming a Google Premier Partner takes a lot of time and hard work. 

“We’re excited to recognize your company as a 2023 Premier Partner and for being in the top 3% of partners in your country. Achieving Premier Partner status is an accomplishment worth celebrating, and distinguishes your company as a Google Ads expert to clients and the industry.” – Google

As a Google Premier Partner, 5 Horizons has achieved and exceeded all requirements, while demonstrating continuous success with:

  1. Certifications
  2. Ad spend
  3. Performance

Our team is constantly looking to improve our skills with Google Ads and this recognition is proof of it.

How Does That Help Our Clients?

As a Google Premier Partner, we receive a variety of benefits from Google, allowing us to provide additional services for our clients.

Benefits include:

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Google Partner Search Listing
  • Client Event Support
  • Networking with Other Agencies
  • Executive Business Trainings for Our Employees
  • Dedicated Support Representatives & Teams
  • Annual Partners Summit & Review
  • Google Partners Badge 

Ready to Work With Us?

As Google Premier Partners, we know how to achieve success with Google Ads. Reach out to us today if you’re looking to improve your advertising strategy.