Joking group of diverse young adult coworkers playing with sticky notes on their faces as a distraction during a meeting

Laugh at Work Week

April 1st through the 7th is Laugh at Work Week! LAWW is the annual opportunity to promote fun and laughter in the workplace. You’ve probably heard of the phrase “laughter is the best medicine”used to describe the feel-good endorphins released when we laugh. Endorphins can decrease your pain, improve your mood, and reduce your stress.

At 5 Horizons, we embrace humor and fun every day to keep stress low and morale high. Here are our top three tips for cultivating a workspace full of laughter:

  1. Incorporate gifs, emojis, and jokes into your Slack or online company chats to add reactions and humor to your conversations
  2. Use virtual or in-person meetings to foster a lighthearted atmosphere with funny anecdotes or pop culture references
  3. When challenges arise, model the appropriate stress response for your employees by using lighthearted humor

Extend Laugh at Work Week by prioritizing humor in the workplace every week of the year. For more examples of how to foster a fun work environment, read our recent blog here.