Say Hello to 5 Horizons

We’ve refreshed our look and we’re incredibly excited to share it with you.

5HD (5 Horizons Digital) is now 5 Horizons. Over the last nine years of growth, we have become so much more and it’s time our brand reflects that.

We evolved our logo to display five sides that represent our core disciplines: strategy, design, storytelling, data, and technology.

5 Horizons' new logo.
  • We use strategy to create long-term plans for achieving our partners’ multi-faceted goals.
  • Our team approaches each new project with an eye on the latest design trends.
  • We dedicate our time to learning each of our partner’s unique voices, with storytelling at the heart of everything we do.
  • Our team utilizes data to identify the insights needed to drive action and growth for our partners.
  • We provide a deep expertise in marketing technology for SEO optimization, CRM management, and marketing automation. 

Our new look includes a rising sun to embody our constant need to always look towards what’s new and what’s next. 5 Horizons continues to be your one-stop shop for holistic, forward-thinking advertising and marketing.

We look forward to being your partner well beyond the horizon.