7 Things You Must Do to Update Your Facebook Ad Campaigns for Apple iOS 14

Apple’s iOS 14 update is giving users the power to opt-out of data sharing. Here’s what advertisers need to do to limit the negative impact and keep campaigns performing to the highest level possible.

  1. Verify your domain. If you are using an agency to manage your Facebook ads, you still need to verify your domain as each business account can only verify one. Here are 3 easy steps for verifying your domain.
  2. Download a Breakdown Report by Device for past campaigns. This will help you understand how your conversions may be impacted. 
  3. Download your historical data for both 28-day and 7-day view and 28-day click-through attribution to understand how your reported conversions may be impacted. 
  4. Decide which Conversion Events you will use in your campaigns and rank them. 
  5. Select the attribution window you will use to track conversions.
  6. Audit and update any automated rules, if necessary.
  7. Identify new campaign optimization strategies to test in your campaigns.

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