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Inside 5 Horizons: 3 Tips for Efficient Project Management

Hear from Amelia Morrill, our Director of Project Management & Operations, as she shares her top suggestions for managing, implementing, and completing successful projects.

Managing people and workflow involves a balance of skills. Sticking to a schedule, keeping projects under budget, and communicating across teams are just a few of the responsibilities project managers have to navigate on a daily basis. Luckily, these three tips from Amelia can help people in project management roles stay on track:

1. Get a Buy-In from Everyone Ahead of Time

Before distributing tasks across the team, project managers should work with all involved parties to set up agreed-upon steps and deliverables. Doing so helps anticipate potential questions and roadblocks, outline each stage of the project timeline, and write out concrete expectations for final outcomes.

2. Establish Milestones

For large or multi-step projects, project managers should establish deliverable and approval milestones that need to be met before proceeding to the next phase. Such breakdowns of larger tasks create checkpoints that allow every member of the team to take actionable steps and achieve attainable goals.

3. Use Project Management Tools

Task management tools and software are project managers’ best friends. Using software such as Asana, Basecamp,, Trello, and Jira can significantly streamline the process. Taking advantage of the project management tool’s features can help people stay organized, communicate with internal teams and clients, and delegate tasks.

Amelia utilizes these main tips to stay on schedule, support her team, and deliver the highest quality of work to our clients. Optimizing project management with these tips helps successfully complete any task, big or small. 

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