Inside 5 Horizons: 2023 Design Tips

Inside 5 Horizons: 2023 Design Tips

Hear from our talented Design Team as they weigh in on the top trends expected for the upcoming months.

Design trends are constantly fluctuating. It’s up to us on the Design Team at 5 Horizons to try new things, keep an eye on current styles, and constantly learn new skills to deliver fresh, accessible designs to our clients.

There is a lot that goes into design aside from what something looks like. User experience, advanced technology, and accessibility are all areas that our team focuses on when designing eye-catching advertisements or lead-generating websites.

Here are our top five design tips for 2023:

1. Nostalgia

One popular trend for 2023 is the vintage style of past decades between 20 and 100 years ago. Recycling styles from the past evokes a feeling of nostalgia in viewers that’s both familiar and comforting. It can also help to identify and target certain age groups when those vintage styles were popular.

2. Dark Mode & Customizable Viewing Experiences

Customizable Viewing Experiences include responsive website sizing (based on browser size or mobile device) and also offers Light and Dark Modes. Dark Mode is a light-on-dark color contrast that eases eye strain, especially during night time. Dark Mode uses text, icons, and graphic elements in lighter colors against a darker background to make readability easier. Incorporating both of these practices allows for a more personalized user experience. 

3. 3D & Holographic Elements

Designers use graphic elements of different shapes, colors, spacing, values, and textures to convey a certain type of message or emotion. Our team predicts that 3D and holographic elements will be particularly popular in 2023 for adding futuristic, eye-catching styles to websites, presentations, and advertising. 3D and holographic elements are made with modern, trendsetting technology to capture viewer’s attention and emphasize the content.

4. Bold, Bright, Loud Color Palettes

2023 is already showing trends of bold, bright, and loud color palettes. This may play into the vintage trend and the recent resurgence of 90s styles. Loud color palettes, typically associated with vibrant and youthful moods, are already popping up in many campaigns and advertisements from leading brands for 2023.

5. Accessible & Inclusive Design Practices

Accessible and inclusive design practices are integral for quality user experiences in 2023. Accessibility focuses on creating personalized experiences for people with disabilities, while inclusivity broadens that accessibility to individuals with situational handicaps or impaired abilities as well. Making design choices that are inclusive to all customers is imperative to operating a business in 2023.

Our design team is ready to hit the ground running throughout 2023 with these top five tips to deliver innovative and high-quality trends for our clients.

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