7 LinkedIn Updates Coming in 2023

7 LinkedIn Updates Coming in 2023

New LinkedIn features for advertising, content analytics, and accessibility.

LinkedIn recently announced seven new features coming in 2023, most of them focusing on improving the platform’s accessibility and optimizing content creation. Here’s what marketers and users can expect LinkedIn to add by the end of the year:

1. Increased Video Accessibility

To keep up with the increased demand for video content, LinkedIn will automatically generate English captions for videos uploaded to the platform and will give users the option to add or edit captions before publishing their videos. To further enhance the accessibility of videos for those with visual impairments or low vision, the user will be able to activate high contrast mode with the LinkedIn app.

2. Standardized Accessibility Job Titles

People working in the field of accessibility can now select from a list of standardized job titles, such as “accessibility designer” or “accessibility engineer.” This feature will increase user’s exposure and access to job opportunities that better match skills in accessibility.

3. Alt Text Functionality in Campaign Manager 

Advertisers can now add alternative text (alt text) descriptions to images in their ads to help visually impaired or blind users understand what images are portraying.

4. Updates To Job Search 

The platform is currently testing personalized job collections that users can discover without conducting a search. This update is the result of LinkedIn reporting a recent increase in people looking for job opportunities more casually. Whether it’s to find a position that better fits their values and interests or to switch to a role that offers a better work-life balance and professional advancement, LinkedIn wants to better assist casual job-seekers.

5. Product Pages for B2B Product Search

LinkedIn launched Product Pages to empower professionals to make better, more informed purchasing decisions. While LinkedIn is still working on improving the relevance of Product Pages to create a more personalized experience, businesses can already search the platform for 90,000 B2B products.

6. Post Scheduling

Brands and businesses will benefit from LinkedIn’s new feature of scheduling posts in advance to be published at a later date. This update will eliminate the need for third-party social media management platforms, allowing users to streamline the post process on LinkedIn.

7. Content Analytics

LinkedIn is updating the creator analytics dashboard to include audience data and top-performing content. This lets businesses examine the effectiveness of their content, gauge the evolution of their following, and discover more about the audience’s demographics. In order to access these analytics updates, the user must activate the creator mode.

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