A Digital Marketing Refresh for King Richard’s Faire

King Richard's Faire


King Richard’s Faire has been operating as New England’s largest and longest-running renaissance fair for over forty years. KRF’s operating team approached 5 Horizons with the goal of revamping and refreshing their marketing and sales strategies to include more digital campaigns 


Our team familiarized themselves with King Richard’s Faire’s previous marketing approach, including their past advertisements with broadcast TV, newspapers, and billboards. Leaning on our experience with digital advertising, we presented the KRF team with a fleet of digital materials and opportunities. Our efforts included: 

  • Updated Quality: Our team updated existing visual assets to be viewable on new technology in hi-res. This included redoing all their currently running tv ads and billboards. 
  • Improved Brand Visibility: We updated their logo and other brand assets to improve their brand’s visibility.  
  • Social Platform Advertising: Using KRF’s established social channels, we implemented platform advertising to target their followers and those with similar interests. 
  • Shifted Focus: To help KRF achieve their goal of including more digital marketing, we partnered with their team to shift their advertising focus away from only traditional advertisements, and towards a stronger mix of the two with an emphasis on social media sponsored ads.
  • Improved Online Ticket Sales: Previously, KRF’s online ticket sales only made up  5-10% of their overall sales. By improving their digital and social media presence and creating a streamlined system for online ticket purchases, we were able to improve their online ticket sales exponentially. 


Working with the King Richard’s Faire team, we were able to diversify their marketing approach and update their design assets to include a solid mix of digital and traditional ad campaigns to grow their audience and increase ticket sales.

Since working with the 5 Horizons team, King Richard’s Faire has seen two of their most profitable years yet.