Clock’s Ticking

Clock’s Ticking

4 Ways to Use TikTok for Higher Ed Marketing

What originally started off as three different apps is now one of the fastest-growing influential social media platforms. With a wide selection of sounds, special effects, and filters, TikTok has paved the way for users to easily create content like never before. 

TikTok is just over two years old, but doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Though you may be late to the TikTok game, your educational institution can leverage the platform’s success to achieve marketing goals by identifying your audience, tracking trends, finding the organic approach that works best for you, and boosting your videos with a small budget.

 1. Identify Your Audience

Although TikTok is predominantly populated with Gen Z, your content should be targeted at a unique audience beyond age. For instance, an older audience is most likely to have financial decision-making power and is susceptible to messaging about getting ahead or changing careers. Utilize TikTok to narrow your prospects to those who may be entering college soon, finishing a degree, specializing with a certificate program, or pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree.

2. Track the Trends

Building your TikTok presence involves more than just producing content. If your school is new to TikTok, start by paying attention to trends that align with your institution’s mission. Some of the trends can be leveraged in messaging on other platforms, but keeping up with what’s in and what’s out is essential. Before you start actively using TikTok, be sure to clearly identify the goals behind your engagement.

3. Take an Organic Approach

One of the common goals of social media marketing is to build brand awareness. An organic TikTok presence is an effective way to accomplish this. Start with people who represent your institution best: mascot, orientation leaders, tour guides, and student ambassadors. They can provide intriguing snippets of student activities, orientation sessions, and other aspects of campus life. Monitor your account for brand consistency and involve students as much as possible to significantly expand your college or university’s reach.

4. Pay to Play

Paid advertising on TikTok is a great way to insert your institution into the stream. The goal of advertising on social media should be impressions and views (not clicks) as they’re exactly what will help increase your brand awareness. Boosted brand awareness can in turn amplify performance on other channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, or even your website, where audiences are more likely to click or inquire. The clock is ticking, but there’s still time to take advantage of all that TikTok has to offer. Combining organic and paid efforts can help your institution achieve the primary goal of growing your audience and driving brand awareness. If your school needs assistance with advertising on TikTok or creating engaging content for the platform, contact 5 Horizons to discuss how we can help you grow.