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Advertising on LinkedIn in 2024

LinkedIn is one of the most efficient social media channels for advertising placements when it comes to reaching professional audiences. Whether you’re targeting prospective clients, students, or team members, LinkedIn offers a variety of ad types, helping you achieve specific goals and conversions. But with so many ad types to choose from, how do you know which one is the best for your objectives? 

At 5 Horizons, we are no strangers to LinkedIn ads and can guide you through the different routes you can take when advertising on this social platform.

Types of LinkedIn Ads

Sponsored Content

Probably the most recognizable ad type, sponsored or “native” content ads appear on the users’ feeds just like any regular content would—except the ads are labeled as “promoted.” Within this umbrella, there are six subcategories:

  1. Single image ads—the most classic and well-recognized ad format that features a single static image.
  2. Carousel ads—multiple static images displayed in succession that provide additional space for content to be swiped through and interacted with.
  3. Video ads—a format that features video content and gives you additional insights such as how far into watching your video users got.
  4. Event ads—a format that promotes your event from your LinkedIn page and is optimized for maximizing attendance.
  5. Document ads—a format that allows LinkedIn members to read and download documents directly from their newsfeeds.
  6. Thought leader ads—a format created to boost the already existing content and highlight the team members’ voices.

Sponsored Content ads are most frequently used to raise brand awareness, build relationships, and drive quality leads. Six different format options allow you to highlight the media that aligns with your company, organization, or school the most.

Sponsored Messaging

Sponsored Messaging ads let you begin conversations directly with your prospective leads. By reaching the LinkedIn members’ inboxes, you’re more likely to establish a personal connection with them. This ad type can appear as if sent by a specific member of your team, ultimately increasing the chances of your content being seen and engaged with. This customizable ad format allows you to include a lead generation form in your message, making it an even more effective route for organizations interested in gathering relevant information about their audiences. 

There are two kinds of sponsored messaging on LinkedIn: 

  1. Message Ads—format that consists of your targeted message and a single call-to-action button.
  2. Conversation Ads—format that gives you more opportunities to interact with your audience through multiple call-to-action buttons. Those can lead to your landing page, open a lead gen form, or serve as a prompt to continue the conversation.

Text and Dynamic Ads

Text and dynamic ads are other personalized formats that speak directly to your audience. Except this time, instead of appearing as a new message in their inbox, they pop up in a member’s feed, specifically on the LinkedIn right rail. 

Text ads are only compatible with desktops and consist of a small image, a short headline, and a description. Dynamic ads look very similar, except they are tailored to members based on their LinkedIn profile data and also feature a call-to-action button. Dynamic ads can be implemented in three different formats:

  1. Spotlight Ads—used to highlight a specific product, service, or event.
  2. Follower Ads—aim to increase your page’s follower count.
  3. Job Ads—hold the objective of driving quality candidates to your open positions.

All these formats act as “bite-sized” advertising avenues. With minimal copy and visuals, they’re intended to grab a person’s attention and entice them into learning more about your offerings.

Bottom Line

The variety of advertising opportunities on LinkedIn can be overwhelming, but a well-developed strategy can help narrow down the right ad format for you and your goals. As experts in social media advertising, 5 Horizons works with clients from various industries, using LinkedIn to tailor ads to their unique audiences. Contact us to learn more about how advertising on LinkedIn can help meet your objectives.