5 Must Haves for a Successful Online Campaign Launch

1. Have a Privacy Policy

If you are going to ask for information from a prospect, make sure you have a proper Privacy Policy in place. This will tell the prospect what you intend to do with their information, what tracking you have in place on your website, and how to opt-out of being a prospect if they want too. Also, most Online Display Ad Exchanges will not run your ads if they lead to a landing page without a Privacy Policy.

2. A Place to Send Click Through Leads

A click is a very valuable action. It qualifies the interest the prospect has in your product or service. Make sure you send the prospect to a page that succinctly explains your value to them with a clear Call to Action. You want the prospect to take the next step and request more information, the easier it is for them to do this the more conversions you will have.

3. Make it Easy for a Prospect Who Does Not Click to Request More Information

If a lead does not click, but later visits your website make sure you have an easy way for them to access the information you promised in your ad. You can do this, by making a call out on your homepage or easy navigation item.

4. Pixels Should Be in Place

When you are first thinking about launching your campaign, make sure you have your pixels (pieces of code on your website) that will help you both retarget to students and confirm their inquiries.

Retargeting pixels throughout your website (the more specific the better!) will help you send that prospect a more targeted message.

Confirmation pixels will help you capture the data you need to make smart optimizations to your campaign. Make sure, if possible you have both click through and post view conversion codes in place.

5. Test

Having everything in place is great, but make sure you take the time to test everything. Double check all your pixels and put through test conversions on every path possible for a prospect to convert. You want to make sure your campaign is going to report as well as it is going to perform!