4 Reasons Online Video is a Must for Your Media Mix

1. What’s More Effective than a :30 second Video Ad? An Online Video Ad!

With online video you can target who sees your message. Traditional TV is great for reaching a wide audience efficiently, but wouldn’t it be better to show your commercial only to your target audience, limiting wasted impressions. Plus 1 in 4 Americans now watch video online1, which means more of traditional television’s audience is available to you digitally.

2. Track Delivery and Response

With traditional TV not only is it difficult to measure the return on an ad spend, you don’t really know who will see your message. Targeted online video gives you the ability to track exactly how many prospects view your ad along with what percent of people drop off within 25% increments, leading to more efficient purchases. Then of course you can measure your campaign’s return on investment by seeing who clicks, who visits your site without a click, and who converts. All of this data allows you to have more confidence in the quality of your ad spend.

3. Not Your Standard Lengths Anymore

With video pre-roll you are not confined to the same restrictions you may be with traditional TV. Any length under :60 seconds will work. This gives you the ability to get your message across on your time. We recommend shorter messages, but why not test a longer video against a shorter one and let your prospects decide which they prefer!

4. Closer to Taking the Action

Online or on mobile, your target user is just a click away from taking the action you want. No more need to hope that they will remember your URL or brand name and then find the exact service or offer from your ad. Online you can direct your prospect to any action you want, making sure that all messages are consistent on the way to conversion!

1 Source http://www.statista.com/chart/2627/internet-users-watching-online-video-every-day/